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The company is always looking to convert opportunities into sound business propositions, which has helped the mother company Gulf Mining And Investment to expand its business operations into drilling & blasting sector, And each associate company comes with a specific area of its expertise in explosives engineering, Open pit quarrying & mining, road cutting, tunneling, or excavation. The tow companies serve the interests of clients and other stakeholders with the highest standards of responsibility an integrity.

Drilling and Blasting Division Activities Include:

Road Cutting and Tunneling Projects

Controlled or close proximity blasting

Trench Blasting for Oil & Gas Pipeline construction

Leveling Works

Quarrying and Mining

Seismic Exploration

Quarry 3D face profiling, hole deviation and other survey


The Earthworks Division was formed to complement the already established Explosives and Drilling & Blasting Divisions. With the introduction of Earthworks Division, the company is now suitably to provide a complete solution to clients in the construction and mining sectors.

The Division provides a reliable and professional service to the valued clients of First Services & Excavations in the most environment friendly manner.

As an emerging leader in its field, the Division is run by a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who is always strive to provide the best solutions to its valued clients.

The primary activities among other operations of the Division are:

Excavation, Leveling and Compaction works

Mechanical Trenching works

Quarry operations

Surveying and Estimation

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