Drilling And Blasting

Drilling And Blasting

• The First Services Blasting Company is Oman owned and operated explosive
products manufacturer serving the construction and mining industries. Over the last
several years, our research & development teams have worked on refining and
improving our products for large and small customers. Detonator Blasting
manufacture of Emulsion explosive and ANFO. We also provide a complete line of
initiation systems including non-electric and electronic detonators and other
accessories. As a complement to our manufacturing capabilities, First Services
provides safe transport and delivery of packaged ANFO & emulsion. We own a fleet
of trucks, which allows us to extend our exceptional service from orders to
production to delivery of product to our clients.

• First Services as a seasoned professional with experience of 10 years, have objective
to meet the ever-growing Explosive manufacturing, Storage & Supply, all type of
Drilling and Blasting in Sultanate of Oman.

• The First Services established in the year 2012 with the authorized to manufacture,
import supply of Commercial Explosives, Wear specializing in the application of
high explosives for controlled blasting for the excavation of rock and reinforced
concrete on both land and water. With a work force having many years of combined
experience in controlled blasting, FSE Chase developed the expertise needed to
provide the construction, utility, pipeline, mining and aggregate industry with stateof-the-art precision drilling and blasting services. We also serve clients for supply of
indoor and outdoor fireworks and transport of hazardous cargo. All our activities and
services are approved by the Royal Oman Police.

The Management has a strong back ground of running prominent companies which
are excelling in their respective activities. Though keeping up the culture of
promoting competitiveness, the philosophy of business lies in cross using of services
available in the group companies which will help to avoid procedural delays and
facilitate fast execution of projects.

FSE is committed to the principles and practices of Quality Management throughout
all aspects of the company’s operations. Our Company is “Grade – A” in various
categories of Business, which is provided by Commercial Registrar.